A morning for many solutions.

PaperByte is a group of companies which provides Web, Mobile & AI Solutions. We provide, doorstep services for basic utilities which includes online subscription of NewsPapers, Magazines and Daily Utilities. Along with this we also provide Print advertising and digital advertising services, from copywriting, designing to delivery.. Each service contains a unique interface which has been experienced by users. We guarantee Customer Satisfaction.


We have finalise our tools on a deep R & D before release it to our users, we are committed to provide a easy to use experience.

User Friendly System

We have designed our tools and graphical interface, after thorough market research and conducted pilot runs with actual users – to achieve ultimate ease of use.


The most beneficial feature, is the flexibility to our customer to tweak her subscription on a daily basis. Going out on a vacation, don’t need milk, newspaper etc., just opt out and BINGO, your subscription stops during your vacation.


We are committed to provide Guaranteed Satisfaction to our customers. Each service contains unique interface and our users and clients rate us for these special features.

Technology Selection

Our team continuously endeavours to provide world class technology IT tools to our customers.

Subscription Features

Our subscription features are unique and path breaking in the market.


We offer our services at an affordable price, which ensures VALUE FOR MONEY for our customers.

We care

We focus on each and every word to ensure that our user & customers have a never before experience.

System Upgrade

To remain first in class we leverage our knowledge of cutting edge technology to meet customer demand and to continually upgrade our systems and solutions.

Product Listing

We continually add new product lines and regularly improve existing product listing by adding additional features.

our leaders

Leadership is one of those nebulous terms -- you hear it all the time but it has various definitions. The traits that make up a good leader can vary depending on the organization, team, manager and work environment!

Raksha Rathore

CMD & Co. Founder

Piyush Agarwal

CEO & Co. Founder

Ajay Prakash Singh

HRM & Co. Founder

Akash Agarwal

CSH & Co. Founder

Employees says

"Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers" -Stephen R. Covey

Chandresh Chaudhary

"At PaperByte i didn't find any manager, it is amazing to see only leaders.There is no mistake counter except solution counter so no mistake ever been counted here. Along with my work i love to have lunch with my leaders.I am grateful to be a part of PaperByte"

Shivam Chauhan

"I have never felt that i am working in a startup, all the things are well established, there is no boss so everything is familiar for a learning environment, we are not just learning IT tools but also growing in other life's aspects"

Manmohan Agarwal

"At PaperByte i did't feel my self as an employee actually i always been treated as a family member.All my seniors are my guardians or they regard me as my elder brother. I am thankful to get this opportunity"

Rajnikant Lodhi

"It was my luck to start career with startup actually PaperByte growing exponentially so my career getting wings accordingly. thanks to my destiny and leader to be here at paperByte"

Saurabh Baboo

"From Hindi speaking to english speaking it was a journey which has been backed by PaperByte, here i have improved my personality which could face this corporate competitive area"

Himani Rani

"I have joined this startup to just start my career but at PaperByte my career not just started but its an exponentially growth, also being a lady i am enjoying flexible working environment"

Abhishek Tomar

"When i joined this company i thought that i am an employee but later on i realised that i am new member of PaperByte family, from that day to till date i am always grateful for love and care of this family, and they make me feel safe along with my career"